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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mahogany Wood for Furniture

1. Cheaper Price

When compared to teak, mahogany wood will be much cheaper. The price given can be up to three times cheaper. Of course you can save more expenses and use it for other purposes.

2. Exotic Colors

The dominant color of mahogany is red. Nothing can match the redness of mahogany, not even redwood from America. Old mahogany wood will look darker or evening, while young wood will appear lighter in color.

3. Fine Wood Grain

Normal mahogany wood generally has a smooth, straight and dense wood grain. Mahogany wood will be stronger if the fibers in the wood are denser.

4. Very Suitable for Indoor Furniture

Mahogany wood will look very beautiful when used in rooms such as living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms.

5. Can be used for Window Frames or Door Frames

Not only teak wood that can be used for window frames and door frames, mahogany can also be used. That is why most people prefer to use mahogany wood over other woods. Because mahogany wood can be used for all furniture.