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The church is a worship place for Christians. Aside from that, sermons, holy matrimony, marriages, and other religious ceremonies are held in churches as places of communication with God. A grave and solemn environment is required to reconcile the congregation's hearts and minds. 

The interior furniture of the church is one of the most strange features. Each sign carved in the church's interior has multiple meanings. These symbols strengthen the spiritual energy of the church. PT Chia Jiann has been honored to work on church projects in the manufacture of church furniture and ornaments for more than 20 years collaboration. We made chairs, altars, pulpits, candle prayers, and others. All of the furniture is made of solid mahogany wood.

Mahogany wood has a straight grain. The smooth and straight appearance of the fibers make the natural appearance of mahogany feel more luxurious when used as furniture. In addition, the appearance of wood is very stable, so its decline for decades is unreliable. The choice of mahogany wood is appropriate, especially for church ornaments, because it may produce a beautiful impression while remaining solemn.