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''Everyone has a style''. A sentence that is often heard from everyone who has their own fashion and taste in something. This sentence is true. Everyone has unique tastes that cannot be homogenized. Just like everyone's taste in food is different, equating it will remove the pleasure of the food. Furniture is the same; everyone has a style preference when choosing furniture for their home. However, this difference in taste is also influenced by generational variances.

Everyone will follow the trend that was created in their generation. This tendency would influence a person's perception that he lives in an era that follows it. This was also stated by Dr. Alexis Abramson, an expert known as a generational cohort." He explained that the division of generations is influenced by the time of a person's birth. This has the potential to influence behavior, perceptions, attitudes, and habits. Each generation has its own uniqueness and characteristics, especially in terms of furniture. Let's discuss the unique furniture styles of each generation.

As we know, generations are divided into various types there are:

  1. The baby boomers are the generation born between 1945 and 1964. This generation is known for being materialistic and time-oriented. They have their own style to decorate their homes that is classic, sophisticated, and uncluttered. Boomers are focused on quality and durability and are therefore more likely to make larger investment in things like sturdy furniture pieces.
  2. Generation X is the generation born in 1965-1980. This generation are mostly interest with a home style that fit their busy lifestyle. They chose the bright color to make their home feel comfortable.
  3. The millennial generation is the generation born between 1980 and 1997. They are very obsessed with modern minimalist design styles and mid-century with its clean lines and more compact sized furnishings fit perfectly in smaller homes and apartments, particularly those living in urban settings.
  4. Generation Z is the generation born between 1990 and 2000. They prefer the rustic style as much as the boomer generation.

From explanation above, we get the point that every people have their own taste especially for the furniture. But you have to remember that no matter what generation you are from, one thing is certain: high-quality furniture is able to provide comfort in your home. PT Chia Jiann is the right solution and is able to give you satisfaction in all aspects of furniture.