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This year marks the 28th anniversary of PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture. We celebrate 28 years of existence in the world of furniture, 28 years of maintaining the cohesiveness of the company, and 28 years of all sorts of innovation. To celebrate this sacred day, all staff and production crew held a joint prayer event as a form of gratitude for the achievements that have been worked on together so that PT Chia Jiann still exists in the unstable condition right now. We do appreciate the loyalty shown by all employees. Without the loyalty and cooperation of all employees, PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture would not have made it thus far.

PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture always give more attention for the details of product and make the consumers are satisfied with our product. We always prioritize the quality of products with innovative models that grow with the times. Customers trust is what keeps us moving forward and growing. We sincerely appreciate you for putting your trust in us and making our products as the best choice for your home decoration.