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Furniture is one of the items required to fill the empty space in the home. This empty room will be decorated with interior furniture based on the homeowner's preferences. Before buying furniture, it would be better to know the quality of the goods through the construction and raw materials used. In the manufacture of furniture, there are several types of construction used. Let us go over each sort of construction one by one.

  1. Free standing furniture

Furniture that uses this construction tends to require more space because the goods are intact and cannot be assembled. This type of furniture is more appropriate for those of you who have a large house, and it is not recommended for those of you who are still living in a rented house because it will make it difficult when moving furniture. Types of furniture that use this construction include sofas, coffee tables, and beds.

  1. Knock down furniture

This type of construction is the opposite of free-standing furniture. This furniture can be disassembled and assembled and is suitable for those of you who still live in a rented house. However, it takes skill to install this furniture because it uses many hinges and is divided into several parts. The drawback of this furniture is the quality of the hinges. The longer this furniture is used, the hinges will tend to rust and be easily damaged. However, this can be avoided by choosing high-quality raw materials. As PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture always does with our products, we always maintain product quality.

  1. Mobile furniture

This type of furniture can be easily moved around with its trademark use of wheels. This furniture can also be disassembled to help customers design their own houses.

  1. Built in furniture

Built-in furniture is furniture that is permanently fixed to the interior of the house and cannot be removed. This design is better suited for those of you who are too lazy to mess around with the room. Types of furniture that use this construction include kitchen sets, TV shelves and wardrobes.

  1. Inflatable furniture

This type of furniture has effective construction. The size can be transformed from small to larger shape, making it easier to place and store items, especially in houses that have narrow door capacities where it is difficult for large items to pass through.

These are some explanations about furniture construction that can be used as a reference before buying furniture products. Always pay attention to the quality and function of the furniture. By choosing a construction that suits your needs, you will minimize the risk of malfunction in the furniture you buy. PT Chia Jiann provides consumers with many kinds of furniture construction and makes it easy for costumers to design their homes.