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Home is the most comfortable place to unwind from everyday busyness. There are many ways to create a comfortable and beautiful environment, one of which is by designing a home according to our preferences. Choosing the right house design can create a relaxed atmosphere and, of course, add aesthetic value to the house. Therefore, it is important for us to choose the concept or theme before building a house. So the concept and budget can be calculated carefully.

Currently, rustic interior design has become popular among customers. By showing an old impression on the wood of the furniture without making it really old and dominantly highlighting the wood grain, it has a rustic appeal in itself. Rustic design is an interior and exterior design style that emphasizes natural vibes, natural materials, and typical villages. The aim of this rustic design is to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that is reminiscent of a calm and pleasant rural life. Rustic is also very suitable to be combined with modern house because it has a number of ethnic elements that can be used as accents in modern interiors.

Rustic interiors are different from interiors in general. Most furniture displays glossy natural colors with a flat surface and the impression displayed is more elegant and contemporary. The old impression given by rustic furniture often makes the furniture look ancient and shabby. Combining it with some bright colors or modern decorations is the right solution. There are several things you need to give more attention when you want to use a rustic design.

  1. Choose natural materials that have not been painted or stained and have the best quality
  2. Use supporting accessories to make furniture looks beautiful and remove the old impression of the room
  3. Combine rustic furniture with other materials, such as metal, steel, and glass, to create a modern impression on rustic furniture.

Seeing the high market interest in rustic furniture, PT Chia Jiann Furniture Indonesia presents several collections of rustic furniture combined with modern design. Modern design changes the old impression of rustic furniture to make it elegant without reducing the beauty of rustic itself. Our rustic is made from mahogany wood. As we know, mahogany has good wood grain to make it more beautiful for the rustic. You can find various kinds of rustic products at our company. We also accept special orders from customers. With the help of expert designers, you can order the product that you want. There is no need to concern about the quality. PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture really prioritizes product quality and good service to customers. Therefore, entrust the furniture for your home to us.