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The furniture industry is currently making its existence on a global scale. Many collections are manufactured by Indonesian wood craftsmen who are well-known internationally. The quality produced is beyond doubt. Many foreign consumers are interested in the design and quality of wood produced by Indonesian furniture. High interest in foreign markets shows that Indonesian furniture is able to compete internationally.

PT Chia Jiann as a company operating in the furniture sector also feels the impact of this existence. For decades, PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture has been a furniture supplier for several countries. Our expansion has been quite massive in several continents, such as Europe and Asia.

With this positive feedback, PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture will do the best to improve product quality by focusing on minor details that have a significant influence. For example, the accuracy which a product's shape and dimensions are represented. To support this, PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture use CNC technology in order to generate high-quality products that conform to industry requirements.

You've most likely heard the term CNC in the furniture industry. CNC is a shorter form for computer numerical control. This machine is a machine used in industrial processes that employs computerized controls and machine tools. The most significant advantage is the speed of the production process, making it suited for mass production. This speed and accuracy make it easier to work on a product. Aside from that, the cutting precision is more accurate and looks neater. This machine operates by creating a CNC program based on the product to be created, either directly into the machine's HMI or on a computer with CNC programming software.

PT Chia Jiann Indonesia Furniture places a high priority on the quality of the product. Using CNC machine, Working time is substantially decreased and made more efficient. Beside that, the production result will be satisfactory and ensure product quality. So there is no need to be concerned about the correctness and neatness of our products.